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Hmmmm well i live in Australia and i am a sanguinarian...or vampire if that is what you would like to call it. I drink Blood and also donate willingly to those i trust but im not evil unless you want me to be;) I love creating art, i sketch, sculpt and i also make high quality fangs that are more than sharp enough to pierce skin;) I am a dark soul but i am also a gentle romantic unless requested to be more aggressive:) I am seeking to find my dark princess to follow me through lifes journey, a sang or donor would be preferable. I am sick of dating and im hoping to find a vampiric mate that i can share my life with. I am far from desperate if that is what you are thinking at this point lol i am mearly trying to cut out the BS by saying out loud "ALL SINGLE VAMPIRIC FEMALES THAT WOULD LIKE A ROMANTIC VAMPIRIC AUSTRALIAN GUY TO SWEEP THEM OFF THEIR FEET , PLEASE RAISE YOUR HANDS NOW" lol  I dont care where in the world you're from or how old(unless underage lol) but there does have to be some getting to know each other first but if we click i will do everything i can to get you here:) , i'm respectful so i wont ask for cyber or naked pictures:P but i do like to know who im talking to so please have a recent picture if you'd like to get to know me:) looks arent important so dont be shy i prefer real people rather than plastic too so if you look like paris hilton please do not reply to this lol   i have alot of pictures that a lover of vampires would appreciate so just ask if youd like to see me showing my fangs;) I am unlike any guy you've ever met but i can be like every guy you've dreamed about.... i wish i could explain it without sounding conceited but i guess its good to leave some details out for you to find out if we ever meet face to face haha message me; ready and waiting ...  
corey _ 7320 @ yahoo . com

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